Our Covenant

Our church offers meaningful, thought provoking and caring Sunday services and church activities with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We do not have a “creed,” and in fact, encourages each person to find the truth for oneself. Yet we broadly endorse a vision of life which we articulate in this statement every Sunday:

Love is the doctrine of this church. The quest of truth is its sacrament and Service is its prayer.

This is our covenant – to dwell together in peace, To seek knowledge in freedom, To serve humanity in fellowship,

To the end that all souls shall grow into harmony with the Divine.

In this time…

During this challenging time of the COVID 19 Pandemic, our Sunday services are held virtually at 10:30 AM; please follow this link to join us: https://bit.ly/3iaDgtT.

Each service offers a “Time for All Ages” near the beginning of the service for children, youth and adults.

Once safe again, we will have our in person services, nursery care, religious education program and coffee hour after services for conversation and fellowship.