Stand for Racial Justice Vigil previously held month
by church & community members
Volunteers at My Brother’s Table, third Saturday of the month
Donations to holiday gift program for families in need


Unitarian Universalist Church of Wakefield (UUCW) Social Action Committee engages church members, friends and neighbors in deepening understanding of social justice issues.  Our social action work comes from the heart and soul of this church community. We address social justice issues through education, advocacy, and invite church members’ and friends’ participation.  We strive to put our Unitarian Universalist principles in action.

From social actions, generosity of spirit develops, and a new way of life begins. Below are the organizations we support or collaborate with:

Fall 2022 Update: As we begin this new church year – I want to update you on our Social Action activity.  Our UU Church of Wakefield remains strongly committed to social actions as always.  This year we will not be holding monthly meetings, however, our communications and activities will continue.  In fact, we encourage anyone to organize an event or share information that fits into our social action programing.  

We continue to support the work of many local organizations by highlighting their missions, volunteering on site, and, when possible organizing events or drives to increase to goods and services.  Some of these organization are:

-Wakefield Food Pantry – annual April food / goods drive

-Mission of Deeds – donation and volunteer opportunities

-My Brothers Table – ongoing dedicated group of volunteers 

-Boys and Girls Club – donation and volunteer opportunities  

– Wakefield Salvation Army Annual Christmas Gift Drive 

But there are others too….

-Malden Warming Center – you will hear more about this program and ways we can support.  

We also highlight the work of UUSC each year through the Guest at Your Table Program.  

Remember – the work we do and the programs we highlight are only the tip of the iceberg. This year you may learn of an interesting film or book regarding a social justice topic that you would like to share, or perhaps you become aware of a social action event in town.  Please reach out to any one of us.  We especially welcome your offer to organize an event or create an announcement. Remember, we may be small in numbers, and short on time, but together we can make a difference.