From sharing meals to sharing our talents, we have a lot of fun just getting together for social events. And, you don’t have to be an official church member to attend any of these gatherings. A schedule of upcoming events is kept online, and is presented in The Gleam, our monthly church newsletter. If you’re interested in receiving The Gleam, please call us at (781) 245-4632 or click HERE to email your request.

The UU Church also is the site of the Linden Tree Coffeehouse which features acoustic music concerts showcasing local and national singer-songwriters, playing a wide range of music from contemporary, traditional, bluegrass, and blues.
Here are some of the happenings coming up during this year:

  • Potluck Dinners and Picnics
  • Talent Show
  • Family Games Night
  • Women’s Retreat
  • Holiday Concerts, Plays, and Parties
  • End of church year picnic in the  Church’s Memorial Garden

And, of course, ideas for additional events are always welcome!