September 8, 2022

This Sunday and Beyond…Good morning,Welcome back! This Sunday, September 11 Mingling the Waters. We begin our worship year with our annual water communion service. “Mingling the Waters” – Rev. Elizabeth will be in the pulpit this Sunday. Come join in community as we mingle the waters of our lives, prepare for the coming year, share stories of our summer, and create possibility for the year to come. You are invited to bring water from your own home to share, however water will also be available during the service for our ritual. Our service begins at 10:30 AM. If you plan to join us online, please go to our website and click Launch Service. We will meet outside by the kitchen for coffee hour.UUCW Social Action Committee has a notice for you to read. Please take the time to read it and learn how they will outreach to our community and partner with others to support those in need this year. Open notice.

Wakefield Community Meals – Several Wakefield churches are preparing meals for anyone who wants one. NO residency requirements. The following dates are when meals are being served, September 14,15,17 and 26. If you or anyone you know needs a meal, please open the flyer and see which churches will be serving our community.The Clothing Closet – The First Parish Congregational Church has a free-of-charge clothing service. If you know anyone who needs clothes or shoes, please print out the attached flyer and give them a copy. It lists the next four months The Clothing Closet will be open. The morning hours also serve breakfast, and in November, they will serve dinner.Hello, Beloved Church! I hope you have spent your summers finding the renewal you need and that you return to our community this September curious about the year ahead. I am so excited to finally begin our church year in person! This year, I invite us into a time of exploration, in which we will deepen our relationships, look for new ways to meet the needs of our broader community, and ask what we need for spiritual nourishment beyond the bounds of what we most often think of as “church.” As we try out new programming this year, we will intentionally extend invitations to those curious about our congregation, make adjustments as we need to, and mingle our traditions with possibility as we continue to draw the circle of love ever wider. What are some specific things you can look forward to? A shift in our lay led services that will allow our lay worship leaders to continue to bring you thoughtful services while also giving them more time to focus on other things that feed them! A renewal of our Welcoming Congregation status during which we have an opportunity to learn and practice, and live into the idea that love doesn’t leave anyone out! A chance to engage with the governance of our Unitarian Universalist Association as they seek our feedback about some exciting updates!

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