October 16 and Beyond…

This Sunday and Beyond…Good morning,This Sunday, Rejecting Fear. It seems that so much in our world these days relies on our fear to gain traction. Our worries are manipulated, and our caution is taken advantage of. In this service, we’ll explore the courage to reject a culture of fear and the ways being together in a religious community can foster a culture of comfort with the uncertain. Our service begins at 10:30 AM. If you plan to join us online, click Launch Service.

COMMUNITY OUTREACHMY BROTHER’S TABLEThe next UUCW MBT service date is this Saturday, October 15. The crew meets in front of the church at 11:00 AM and car pool to MBT. Contact Kristen Henshaw motherkrez@hotmail.com.

CHURCH MEETING – Sunday, Noontime!Our Fall meeting is this Sunday at noontime. We need thirteen members for a quorum. All church members and friends are encouraged to attend the meeting though only church members may vote. We have a small list of articles so the meeting won’t be long. Click here for the warrant.

UUCW MEMBERS & FRIENDS UPDATEDennis Fardy took a fall and is in Winchester Hospital. We are waiting for an update to see if he has to go to rehab. Ann Skladany took a fall at her home and broke her pelvis. She did go to rehab, and we are waiting for an update from Kristen.

Saturday, October 15 – UU Church of Reading is holding their Kris Kringle Church Fair. This year they will be raffling a quilt. Click here for more details.

UU Church of Melrose has re-opened its search for a part-time Office Administrator to assist church staff and the congregation with communication, building rentals, bookkeeping support, and other administrative tasks. The position is 22 hours per week from late August through mid-June, plus a few hours per week during the summer months (no weekends). Prior experience in small office management and demonstrated experience in Google Suite and familiarity with social media and publicity related to posting for events. The full job description may be found on the MUUC website at https://www.melroseuu.org/office-administrator/.See you Sunday!

Our Soul Matters theme for October is Courage, and when I first began thinking about this theme, I felt a little lost. This came, I think, because I’ve been told I’m “courageous” for things that I simply think of as part of my everyday life. Courageous to take on the difficult job of hospice chaplaincy (no, I think, it felt like an honor to be welcomed into a family’s most vulnerable time). Courageous to move to a new place (no, that was me following the opportunity available). Courageous to speak honestly about hard experiences (how else do we make sense of them?)I’ve noticed that when I see courage in others, they have similar “this was just what I needed to do” responses. Like so many other things in life, courage is subjective. This month, as we explore courage in our community, may we receive the naming of courage from others, remembering that courage is particular to our experiences.Email Rev. Elizabeth

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