Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Assenza

Flower Centennial

In our final church service of the year, and Rev. Elizabeth’s final service as our minister, join in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Norbert Capek’s Flower Ceremony! Bring a flower to church, mingle your with others as we build a bouquet of beautiful colors and … read more.

Moments of Delight

How often do we engage playfully in simple moments of delight? Not for a young person we spend time with, but just for ourselves? This service is an invitation into some interactive moments of delight. Come join us as we simply delight in this chance … read more.

Lessons from Anime

This service started off as a “what if…” question from Miriam and Coralie during their Religious Education class. What if we had a church service that explored aspects of pop culture that engage them? What might we all learn from the particular creativity and storylines … read more.

May the ____ We Now Kindle

Our Soul Matters theme this month is creativity. Come join this unusual service as we co-create this Mad Libs service. In our readings and sermon, you’ll have a chance to “fill in the blanks” and see what we come up with together!

The Blessing of Soil

On this Earth Day, as we honor the ways our planet has helped us grow, we also get to celebrate a Child Dedication, and honor the ways her family, and the older kids and adults around her, will help her grow. Join us for this … read more.

Revolutionary Joy

In a world that brings us one heartbreak after the next, embracing joy is an act of resistance that claims we will thrive, we will build the future we dream about, we will seek justice and love. Join Rev. Elizabeth as we explore the revolutionary … read more.

Easter Sunday

In this Easter Sunday service, we’ll explore what the metaphor of the Easter story can do for Unitarian Universalists.

Just Rest

In a world where we are encouraged to always be moving, always be achieving, always be striving for what is next, choosing to rest is an act of resistance. In this service, we’ll explore what rest does for us, not when we rest to save … read more.

Why Church?

As we begin to look ahead to next church year, we’ll explore why church is important, in our lives and in our community. Rev. Elizabeth weaves stories of our own congregation throughout this service as we look at our own commitments to our congregation, answer … read more.

I Need…

So often, we are asked what we can give in this world. As we enter into a month of exploring vulnerability, we turn our attention to what we need. In this service, we will explore our needs, the feelings that surround expressing our vulnerability, and … read more.