Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Assenza

Lessons from the Apocalypse

In contemporary fiction, stories of an apocalypse
never mean an actual end to the world. Instead,
they are often the start of something new,
sometimes something dreadful, often something
with beautiful stories of relationship and ingenuity.
Let’s look at some well-known apocalypse stories
and find the lessons in them that can … read more.

Courage of the Seed

Kimberly Davidson writes, “The courage of the seed is that once cracking, it cracks all the way.” In this interactive, multi-generational service we’ll explore our April theme of “Becoming” through that familiar spring image of the sprouting seed. What seeds do we seek to plant … read more.

Easter Sunday

In this Easter Sunday service, we’ll explore what
the metaphor of the Easter story can do for
Unitarian Universalists.

Turning Love Inward

We hear that self-care is important, but we
rarely talk about how to practice it, how to
prioritize it in our lives, so full of
commitments to others, to work, to our
community. In November, Rev. Elizabeth
made a personal commitment to
intentionally engage new … read more.

To Need One Another

As we begin a month of exploring Beloved Community, we start from a place of truly needing one another. What would it look like to embody that in our actions and our community building? As we begin a month of exploring Beloved Community, we start … read more.

Choose Your Own ADVENTure

The story of Advent–with a twist! Come join this service in which the congregation chooses which parts of the Advent story you want to hear. Like the children’s books of the 1970s and 80s, you are in control of the narrative!

The Wholly Family

Our church is a mosaic of families, who have found their way to our community on their individual paths. Come hear some of our church families tell the story of why this is their church home. Let us lean together into the truth that we … read more.

Capturing Snowflakes

Photographer Snowflake Bentley spent so much careful time in the stillness of observation that he was the first to posit that no two snowflakes are alike. When we welcome in stillness, we create an opening for discovery. How can we nurture that stillness and spiritual … read more.

Rearranging the Pieces

Paige Bradley’s sculpture, Expansion, depicts a woman, seated in the lotus position. The bronze sculpture is cracked in multiple places, and from those cracks pours brilliant light. Together we will explore this sculpture as a metaphor for healing: so often we cannot fix what is … read more.

I Dreamt We Were All Beautiful and Strong

As we head into this election, we carry a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. We also carry a lot of potential, a lot of promise. Together we will explore tools and practices for coping as we seek to heal ourselves and our beautiful, broken world.