Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Assenza

Lessons From Our Ancestors

Our Unitarian and Universalist ancestors built theology and worked in the world in ways that shifted norms and shaped our present. When we listen most intently to their words and their work, how can it shape our faith and work today? What should we learn … read more.

Listen More Often…

Listening…to ourselves, to the world, to the sacred…takes practice. In this service, we’ll hear stories of that practice, of how we can do the deep, intentional work of listening, and explore the possibility that comes from listening with care.

Chapel Service – UU The Vote

In these midst of global pandemic, rising authoritarianism, and uprising, lives hang in the balance and the future of democracy is on the line. In response, Unitarian Universalists are answering the call of our faith, building powerful partnerships to mobilize our communities to #VoteLove and … read more.


How are cross-country skiing, singing round the campfire, and busy city sidewalks connected and what can they teach us about caring for ourselves and others? Join us for this getting-to-know-you sermon and find out.