Topic: Change

Draw it Wider Still

Nearly 20 years ago, we first became recognized as a Welcoming Congregation by the UUA. Now we have the opportunity to renew that status, and we begin today. A week out from public trauma against the queer community, we will look at how our world … read more.

The Enduring Force: Love at the Center

What might Unitarian Universalism look like without the Seven Principles we are so familiar with? We just might find out soon! In this service, Rev. Elizabeth introduces the draft that may change our Principles and Sources. In community, we’ll explore the history of our Principles, … read more.

A Letter to Future Me

When you imagine a not-too-distant future, what are some changes you hope for? What do you hope you have fully embraced, even though right now it seems hard? Are there systems and patterns you hope will shift? How might we practice welcoming change, whether we … read more.